Project Management Toolkit

Vado provides courses for the most common project management competencies. The Project Management Toolkit contains courses to build the skills and capabilities all project managers need to manage and oversee successful projects. It also contains courses for the employee asked to be a contributing member of a project team.

Each competency contains five development courses. Vado can create a Project Management Toolkit to meet the client’s needs or map our courses to the client’s Project Management process.

Project Management Competencies

  • Communication

    Communicate messages clearly and effectively, while listening carefully to others.

    Code Course Result
    344m Evaluate how well you listen to others’ ideas and opinions
    221m Create communication reminders for the most frequent audiences you interact with
    509m Use three communication elements to strengthen your ability to deliver clear and concise messages
    546i Learn how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience
    870i Learn how to confidently articulate the positive attributes and benefits of your ideas

  • Customer Focus

    Understand and meet your customers’ needs.

    Code Course Result
    827i Keep your customers informed of key information, progress and status updates
    246i Know what your customers’ needs and what you can do to meet these needs
    723i Positively handle queries or complaints from your customers
    254i Understand the changing needs of your customers and work to anticipate and meet those needs
    118i Balance the conflicting priorities of different customers

  • Decision Making

    Make timely and informed decisions.

    Code Course Result
    622m Identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision
    511m Analyze essential information and the pros and cons of key decisions
    356i Identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision
    417m Involve the right people and gather the right information to make great decisions
    895i Evaluate the effectiveness of your decision making capabilities

  • Delegating

    Know how to effectively delegate work and tasks to others.Increase buy-in for your requests when delegating to others

    Course Course Schedule
    147m Establish clear agreements regarding what will be done when delegating to employees
    222i Determine what you can delegate to others to be more effective in your role
    453i Effectively confront others when agreements are broken
    518m Strengthen your leadership capabilities through delegation

  • Developing Others

    Develop the skills and capabilities of others.

    Code Course Result
    226m Employees receive feedback on their job performance
    108m Recognize employees who seek out ways to improve the way things get done
    613m Create a skill development plan with your employee
    635m Top two actions your employees can do to improve their capabilities and contribute to organization
    248m Connect every employee’s individual goals to the organization’s vision and strategy

  • Leadership

    Motivate and inspire others to excellence.

    Code Course Result
    302i Increase the consistency between your actions and the company values
    101m Evaluate how fair you are with others
    149i Perform an integrity review on your actions and behaviors
    914i Create a concise branding statement to connect others to the organization’s vision
    644m Evaluate the success of projects based on how well it moved the company towards its vision and strategy

  • Leading Meetings

    Conduct meetings that are focused and produce desired results.

    Code Course Result
    253i Prepare thoroughly for any meeting
    380i Become a significant and contributing meeting member
    495m Create meeting behavior expectations with your team
    699i Learn how to stay focused in meetings
    960i Conduct effective and efficient meetings

  • Negotiating

    Work with others to reach accepting and beneficial agreements.

    Code Course Result
    199i Use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements
    224i Strengthen your ability to advocate for interests rather than positions
    752i Stay open to various and creative solutions
    885i Avoid getting personal by keeping the focus on issues, not individuals
    929i Implement negotiation strategies to cope with difficult or unethical individuals

  • Organizational Effectiveness

    Understand the organization’s structure and how to get things done.

    Code Course Result
    589m Take action to provide the resources employees need for success
    504i Share with others what idea or course of action you think is best
    285i Build relationships with colleagues to learn about their role, skills and expertise
    566m Evaluate how well you manage the team or department resources
    232i Know how to navigate people relationships and within the organization’s structure

  • Performance Measurement

    Be able to assess a project’s status.

    Code Course Result
    204i Actively monitor the current status of your project
    249m Set team expectations for reporting and sharing project and task status
    317m Determine how quick and informative project information will be delivered from the team
    447m Discuss with the team why problems and difficult information must be shared right away
    533i Identify the performance measures you will use to determine project performance

  • Perspective

    Continues to build a strong perspective to connect others to the larger picture.

    Code Course Result
    556i Select the actions you will take to lead the organization’s vision and strategy
    272i Know the competition and how it compares to your company’s products and services
    278i Analyze key experiences from the last two years to discover what you’ve learned
    189i Ensure alignment to the organization’s strategy before committing to a project or initiative
    797m Encourage the capturing and sharing of best practices and lessons learned

  • Problem Solving

    Identify and implement the best solution to obstacles and issues.

    Code Course Result
    137m Learn how to recognize when team members need help managing conflict
    608m Use a mediation process to help groups resolve existing conflict
    422m Determine what is required to ensure issues are solved in the right way at the right time
    103m Identify a number of potential solutions for the same problem
    602m Involve others in solving important problems and issues

  • Project Planning

    Create and maintain a workable plan to accomplish the assigned project.

    Code Course Result
    286i Ensure your project plan has the key components required for success
    497i Identify the individuals who must be informed and updated on the project plan
    663i Create a compelling and concise branding statement for your project
    716i Determine the tools and resources you will use to effectively plan your project
    909m Identify how you will involve the team in planning the project

  • Risk Management

    Identify, analyze, and respond to risks over the course of the project.

    Code Course Result
    153i Identify potential risks for any project
    434i Consider both the impact and likelihood project risks will materialize
    503i Know how to respond to project risks appropriately
    743i Minimize the consequences of adverse situations on the project
    803i Understand past problems and plan for their potential impact on the project

  • Teambuilding

    Build a culture of teamwork within the team and among different departments or groups.

    Code Course Result
    296m Encourage project teams and work teams to rely on each other’s skills, knowledge, and abilities
    773t Identify actions the team can take to strengthen how they work with others within the company
    862t Create behavior norms and expectations for working together as a team
    990m Create a team culture that capitalizes on team member strengths
    201t Discuss how the team’s goals and core work is directly connected to the company’s strategy

Note: Individual = i | Manager = m | Team = t

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