Engagement and Retention Toolkit

Vado provides courses for the most common areas impacting employee engagement and retention. Each area contains up to five development courses with a mix of courses appropriate for Managers and Individuals.

Vado can create an Engagement and Retention Toolkit to meet the client’s needs or map our courses to the client’s engagement driver, engagement survey, or turnover drivers.

Engagement and Retention Dimensions

  • Communication

    Communicate messages clearly and effectively, ensuring individuals have the right information at the right time.

    Code Course Result
    445m Receive feedback from your team on how well you are communicating key messages
    450m Create communication reminders for the most frequent audiences you interact with
    194t Evaluate your communication with co-workers and peers to see how well you listen
    756m Ensure your team gets the right information at the right time
    347t Establish team communication norms and expectations

  • Development

    Provides the opportunity to improve individual skills and develop a career.

    Code Course Result
    565m Create a skill development plan with your employee
    980m Build the skills required to increase personal performance
    615m Use a coaching process after employees make mistakes or miss their performance goals
    865m Get to know employee’s career desires and aspirations
    267m Create a career plan with your employee

  • Engagement

    Create work situations that cause people to perform at the highest level.

    Code Course Result
    730m Identify what work is energizing to your employees
    735m Determine what factors would create a great job and work situation for your employees
    740m Discuss with your employees why you value them, why they’re important to the team and company
    365m Involve others in solving important problems and issues
    385m Recognize employees who seek out ways to improve the way things get done

  • Inclusion

    The opinions and ideas of others are valued, and the company encourages diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

    Course Course Schedule
    240m Employees learn how each person is diverse and how these differences help make a strong team
    245m Create an agenda item to discuss how the ideas and opinions of others are being solicited and used
    250m Assess if people are truly able to speak freely within the team
    965m Share with your team how people react to you when you speak freely with others
    415t Team members get to know one another

  • Integrity

    Our actions are consistent with company values; ethics and integrity take priority over achieving business results.

    Code Course Result
    531m Identify and share what you expect from your employees
    548m Create a team culture that capitalizes on team member strengths
    270t Teams discuss what integrity looks like and identifies expectations for the team
    275m Ask a leader to come talk to the team about ethics, integrity, and the company values
    331m Determine how to support your team so they can performance at their best

  • Leadership

    Leaders communicate effectively, lead and inspire others, and create an environment of excellence.

    Code Course Result
    157m Identify all possible outcomes before implementing a decision
    390m Inform and inspire your employees regarding the team’s vision
    398m Ask a leader to discuss the company’s upcoming strategy and changes with your team
    825m Perform a top talent review to determine what you need to do to keep your top talent
    490m Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay

  • Meaningful Work

    My job uses my skills and abilities; I can see a link between my work and the company’s strategy.

    Code Course Result
    290m Determine how an employee’s top talents are used in his or her job
    750m Assess whether employees have what they need to be successful in their role
    395m Create the connection between company objectives and employees’ core work
    760m Create team innovation norms and expectations
    715m Involve the right people and gather the right information to make great decisions

  • Organization Vision

    Individuals clearly understand the company vision and how they support the organization’s strategy.

    Code Course Result
    832m Determine what the team can do to help meet the team’s goals and achieve the organization strategy
    410t Team members discuss the team’s overall purpose and deliverables
    544m Evaluate the success of projects based on how well it moved the company towards its vision and strategy
    732m Connect every employee’s individual goals to the organization’s vision and strategy
    876t Discuss how the team’s goals and core work is directly connected to the company’s strategy

  • Performance Management

    I receive feedback on my performance and am recognized for a job well done.

    Code Course Result
    800m Quickly understand how employees feel about their performance evaluation and rating
    560m Perform a performance review with your employees
    295m Employees gain a clear understanding of what they must deliver in the next three months
    674t Team members learn how to monitor and measure their own performance
    835m Provide recognition to your employees each and every day

  • Resources

    I have the resources I need to do my job.

    Code Course Result
    210m Take action to provide the resources employees need for success
    670m Determine if employees have the resources they need to be successful
    675m Employees identify one resource they need to be successful in the next 60 days
    770t Team members prioritize resources needs
    846t The team determines how they can improve the efficiency of existing resources

  • Satisfaction with the Company

    I feel valued and am satisfied with the company; I would recommend my company as a great place to work.

    Code Course Result
    900m Ask a leader to thank an individual employee or team for their contribution and results
    905m Identify individuals who are really contributing to the team or company goals
    910m Talk with your employees about their overall satisfaction with the company and their work situation
    915t The team evaluates how well the company meets their individual needs
    920t Facilitate a team discussion regarding what employees love about the company

  • Supervision

    My supervisor gives great direction and feedback, and cares about me as a person.

    Code Course Result
    765m Identify what you know about your employees’ family, hobbies, personal challenges, and interests
    215m Evaluate how fair you are with others
    620m Create problem-solving expectations for your employees
    780m Find out what your employees need from you, their manager
    785m Provide help and assistance to your employees facing challenges and obstacles

  • Teamwork

    People work together to get the job done, we work well with other teams and work units.

    Code Course Result
    945m Create a team meeting agenda item to reinforce great teamwork
    438m Encourage project teams and work teams to rely on each other’s skills, knowledge, and abilities
    935m Involve the right people and gather the right information to make great decisions
    465t Identify actions the team can take to strengthen how they work with others within the company
    470t Create behavior norms and expectations for working together as a team

  • Total Rewards

    There is a clear link between performance and compensation; the benefits package meets my needs.

    Code Course Result
    830m Create a clear link between performance delivered and rewards received
    640m Discuss with your employees how individual performance impacts rewards and compensation
    645m Identify who needs to be rewarded for working hard and going above and beyond what’s required
    650m Help employees know what is the market range compensation for their role
    655m Conduct a benefit discussion with your team

  • Trust and Fairness

    People treat one another with trust and respect; concerns and complaints are listened to.

    Code Course Result
    660m Evaluate how you respond to concerns or issues presented by your employees
    665m Determine how you support your employees
    527t Team members get to know one another
    430m Build trust by learning what will create a great work situation for each employee
    420m Show you trust your employees by recognizing their accomplishments and contribution

  • Turnover

    Create work situations that cause employees to want to stay.

    Code Course Result
    790m Find out what factors will cause your employees to stay
    280m Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay
    795m Perform a departure review for your team members
    925m Determine if each employee’s compensation package is within market range
    930m Identify what will create a work situation that will cause you to stay

  • Work/Life Balance

    I have a good balance between my work and personal life.

    Code Course Result
    923t Ensure everyone is clear on what work/life balance looks like with the team or department
    739m Identify who needs help getting a better balance between work and their personal life
    243m Understand what work/life balance looks like for each person
    375m Determine if the workload is the right for your employees and for the company
    690t The team determines what they can do together to create balance for everyone on the team

Note: Individual = i | Manager = m | Team = t

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