Effective Corporate Writing Toolkit

This Toolkit is for everyone who needs to meet important deadlines and keep projects on target, including professionals, executives, managers and corporate leaders.

The WGTD® Toolkit helps learners know how to:

  • Clarify thoughts before writing.
  • Separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs.
  • Use the inverted-pyramid principle of organization.
  • Use a listing paragraph format to highlight key ideas.
  • Use the language of getting things done vs. business speak.
  • Develop a professional tone that encourages cooperation.
  • Use our three models of organization for all business writing/emails.
  • Write technical information to non-technical people.

WGTD® Course List

  • Effective Corporate Writing Toolkit

    Writing to Get Things Done®
    Effective Communication for Successful Leadership

    Code Course Result
    1005i Know and use the three components of effective business communication
    1010i Be able to separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs
    1015i Identify ineffective writing styles
    1020i Use the reporting process when creating written communications
    1025i Know how to select and use the best writing model for presenting your thoughts and ideas
    1030i Be able to write an effective opening paragraph
    1035i Write an effective middle and closing paragraph
    1040i Be able to write a concise and effective forecasting subject line
    1045i Know how to use the writing model required for about 80% of your writing
    1050i Use the writing model required for long documents, such as reports and manuals
    1055i Know how to use an effective writing style and tone
    1060i Assess the quality of your emails

Note: Individual = i | Manager = m | Team = t

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