Career Development Toolkit

Vado’s Career Development Toolkit contains actions to help contributors and managers identify career options and create a development plan to accomplish future career goals and aspirations.

With up to fourteen actions, the Career Development Toolkit contains actions in the following categories:

  • Investigating Options

    Explore and identify potential career opportunities.

    Code Course Result
    300i Identify potential career opportunities
    305i Explore the jobs and opportunities within the company
    310i Identify your current skills and capabilities and determine what gaps exist
    330i Reconcile a situation with little to no career opportunities
    335m Employees learn about the company career system
    525m Get to know employee’s career desires and aspirations
    535m Set appropriate expectations with employees regarding their career plans

  • Building for the Future

    Identify the actions and plan required to build the skills needed and to obtain the desired future role.

    Code Course Result
    315i Create a skill development plan
    320i Strengthen your personal network
    325i Create a solid career plan
    340i Brand yourself to others
    545m Create a career plan with your employee
    530m Identify skill development opportunities for your employee
    540m Help build your employee’s professional network

The toolkit contains actions individual employees can do on their own, as well as actions managers can perform with their employees to assist in the development of an employee’s career.
Note:Individual = i | Manager = m | Team = t

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