Microsoft Fast Track Courses

Step up your Microsoft Office Skills when you apply at ACP’s training service.

Become a more appealing job applicant when you train with ACP.Most office jobs require basic applied knowledge of the MS Office suite. Employers won’t be impressed if they realize you have no experience in this area. This skill is seen as paramount in white-collar working environments. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newcomer to the field of IT, our Microsoft training programs will give you the expertise you need to stand and make ground in your chosen field.

View below for the list of Microsoft Fast Track Courses at ACP.

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010
Demonstrate competence in using some of the more intermediate features associated with word processing applications such as creating standard tables, using pictures and images within a document and importing objects.


Microsoft Excel 2010Microsoft Excel 2010
Familiarise with and know how to use more of the common features and understand the capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and demonstrate competence in using some of the Excel features such as filtering, managing data and creating charts.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Create professional looking multimedia presentations while learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2010’s features and functionality.


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