• Importance of LMS User Interface

    Importance of LMS User Interface

    The learning management system industry is scattered with various companies retrofitting legacy solutions to make their provided LMS appear more user friendly or putting “social” entries onto existing platforms as a means of “collaborating”. In addition to evaluating functionality, the user interface...

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  • 5 Benefits from Having a Learning Management System

    5 Benefits from Having a Learning Management System

    Learning management systems are becoming common tools that are used by large companies. There is a legitimate reason for this and some are not made aware that having an LMS is beneficial. Below are 5 benefits you can get from having a learning management system. Save Time Carrying out trainings can sap...

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  • E-Learning – Worldwide Acceptance

    E-Learning – Worldwide Acceptance

    E-learning has increasingly gained traction throughout the world. Technologically advanced countries such as the United States and Singapore has been utilizing this advancement as much as possible. However, even not so advanced countries are also trying to implement this kind of learning through various...

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