• Content is King in e-Learning

    Content is King in e-Learning

    One of the things the e-learning communities often fail to notice that is very beneficial is content. It is the most important aspect since if you do not have content, what do you have? Social and mobile learning, assessment tools, video learning and other components of e-learning is useless without...

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  • M-Learning is Different

    M-Learning is Different

    Just because they end in learning doesn’t mean e-learning and m-learning are the same. The first thing you should note is that m-learning is not e-learning slapped into a mobile device. A traditional e-learning course put into a tablet is a missed opportunity. While e-learning still has a role, compliance...

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  • Quick Tips – E-Learning for Adults

    Quick Tips – E-Learning for Adults

    Training plays an important role in the success of any organization that wants to succeed in this technological world. For learners to really absorb and retain information, they need motivation. This is easier said than done. Training adults can be a challenge, particularly in the likes of office procedures...

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