• Staff Catchup: Poon Kum Seng

    Staff Catchup: Poon Kum Seng

    Each month, we take some time off to have a chat with an ACP employee to find out what they do and what they’re like. This month’s employee: Poon Kum Seng What do you do at ACP? Being an account manager, I am involved in servicing our clients and looking out for opportunities to expand our...

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  • The Learning Technology: Learning Management System

    The Learning Technology: Learning Management System

    Learning Management System (LMS) creates an ‘upgrade’ for learners to acquire access to different e-learning materials in anytime and in anywhere. This depicts a unique and fun learning exploration that can completely deliver a new and advanced practices and lessons. LMS provides features that both...

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  • Design Principles for e-Learning

    Design Principles for e-Learning

    It has been said for so many times that design and user interface is an integral part of an e-learning system. There a thin line between creating e-learning that is effective and creating a course that misses the mark. A lot of designers go to greater heights in order to provide “engaging” modules...

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