Livecode is a powerful application development program with endless possibilities. The Mobile App development course goes behind the look and feel of a mobile App, allowing kids to experience the 5th screen from the other side.


This 8 hour course will be held over a 2 day duration.

Level: Biggies (12 – 15 years)




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What You Learn

  • Programming constructs like Booleans and arrays
  • Learn the app design and development process
  • Advanced code writing and interaction with databases
  • Inserting location date and media functionalities to create a complete app



  • Fosters strategic and critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Encourages thinking fluidity
  • Promote creative thinking; encourage students to think out of the box.
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills

Additional information

Dates 03/06/2017, 05/06/2017, 22/06/2017 to 23/06/2017