PSB Academy LMS

PSB Academy LMSPSB Academy is one of the largest private education institutions in Singapore. It was formerly part of the Productivity and Standards Board of Singapore (PSB). The academy has a suite of internationally recognised tertiary-level programmes for a population of almost 10,000 local and international students in Singapore. The undergraduate degree programmes are offered in conjunction with universities from Australia and the UK.

PSB Academy was awarded the four-year EduTrust Certification by the Singapore Government’s Council for Private Education (CPE). This certification recognises that PSB Academy has achieved the required standards in academic management, provided high quality educational services and is financially stable. It has been awarded the first Singapore Experience Award for Best Education Experience in 2010.


This high level of excellency requires a stable and reliable learning platform. PSB Academy’s old process is as follows. Teachers upload e-learning materials or assignments on their individual pages which is highly decentralized. Students then will be able to access the websites, complete their work and send it to the teachers through MSN or email. In addition to this, teachers had to acquire basic web design/HTML/Dreamweaver skills in order to customise the web pages increasing cost and time.


ACP’s solution was to introduce Moodle to PSB. This platform can share resources, knowledge and enable e-learning capabilities to students in the convenience of their school and home. Moodle also allowed all the resources and knowledge developed to be stored together. This was an added plus since they were only in practice of sharing files and had no means of interactivity.


The end result was a scalable and fully hosted LMS that was delivered by ACP to PSB Academy. With the Moodle platform, about 3,817 total users, both the teachers and students at PSB academy can quickly adapt to the technology even with simple computer knowledge. The school was also very impressed by the availability of modules Moodle have. Some of their manual processes were also automated because of development of other modules.

ACP has worked with PSB Academy to provide a comprehensive e-Learning Solution to provide the school with a robust and flexible platform that would allow all the resources and knowledge which have been developed to be stored effectively. Our solution supports more than 4,000 users, both the teachers and students at PSB Academy, where sharing files and content has never been so easy.