MIS Learning Management System



Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre (MIS Training Centre) is the training arm of Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS). MIS was established in 1973 as the national membership body for sales and marketing.


Marketing Institute of Singapore believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy and developing marketers holistically within a robust academic and corporate training framework.



MIS is looking for a Learning Management System which will enable their NSTI cadets to share and revise what they have learned during their tutorials.


ACP provided them an online Learning Management System which they can access anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet connection. Through this platform they can share resources, knowledge and enable e-learning capabilities to students easily.


LMS is able to support 50 concurrent users and reaching out to hundreds of students every year. Marketing Institute of Singapore was able to upload lecture materials to LMS with ease and later shared it out to in-house students and foreign students studying in Singapore. This enabled part timers to take up learning courses with MIS easily.