AMS Learning Management System

Academy of Medicine, SingaporeAcademy of Medicine, Singapore, (AMS) is a professional institution of medical and dental specialists devoted to advancing the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training; maintenance of high standards of competency and ethical integrity through continuous professional development as well as dissemination of information and knowledge to the public on matters related to health.

Their vision is to be the leading institution for postgraduate medical education in the region. From a pioneering group of 34 members in its early days, the Academy is now the largest specialist’s organization of over 2,700 members.


Each medical module has its own program system running as an individual portal. With that, AMS is looking for a reliable single Learning Management System that will streamline their specialists’ education and training.


ACP provided AMS the learning management tool that matched their needs – ACP Learning Management System. Through this single platform they can share resources, knowledge and enable e-learning capabilities to students easily. It also allows them have an online payment gateway via eNETS with 2 customized receipts.


LMS was able to support 50 concurrent users and 200 users with its e-learning objectives. The Report Builder plugin allows AMS to retrieve any data that is stored to the system database and export to CSV or Excel Spreadsheet. It also allows them to edit quizzes and messages. Through the email generation, AMS were notified once payment is received.