“Touch Technology and its applications can help children develop social competence as well as behavioral, emotional & executive functions”

– Lilla Dale McManis & Susan B. Gunnewig, MEd, PhD at the NAEYC Annual Conference, Nov 2012

Multi-touch tables are a new type of technology that can allow several students to work and play together. Unlike other kinds of touch technology, a multi-touch table allows many children/kids the opportunity to interact with the touch surface at the same time, ensuring that they are sufficiently engaged.These features make them ideal for any educational environment. The use of these tables showed faster mutual understanding and more elaboration and negotiation conversation among students compared to just using pencil & paper.


Key Features:

Multi Touch Detection
Slim and Robust Design
Preloaded Ready to Use System
Supports Individual and Group Learning
No Calibration Required, Just Plug & Play
Wireless and Cordless

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Trying out our NextKids Interactive Touch Table Trying out our NextKids Interactive Touch Table
Students trying out the “Glow Hockey” app on the NEXTKids touch table.

pro·pri·o·cep·tion [proh-pree-uh-sep-shuh n]

 The use of the “Glow Hockey” app on our NEXTKids multi-touch tables allows a hands-on approach that trains not only the hand-eye coordination of students but also the awareness of their bodies or Proprioception (positional sense). 

Glow Hockey: One of many applications on the NEXTKids Multi-Touch table
Without proprioception, an artist would not be able to brush paint onto a canvas without looking at his hand’s action. It would be impossible to drive a car because a motorist would not be able to steer or use the foot pedals while looking at the road ahead. You would not even be able to walk without literally “watching where you put your feet”.

This allows a person to have awareness of their body which impacts their ability to plan, carry out, and adjust their movements. Our NEXTKids touch tables provide even more opportunities for children to hone their positional awareness as well as their other five senses in a safe, educational setting!


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