LOOP.sg CyberSphere’s Learning Management System has powerful third-party plug-ins to provide a rich feature set so that organisations can configure their own unique learning programs. It will give accessibility not only for learning resources for staff but as well as provide access to schedules, forums and group discussions.

This customized LMS will enable organisations to experience:

  • Differentiated Learning

Personalise your courses according to the abilities and profession of the learners through a rich source of informative materials and the SCORM lesson builder.

  • Easy Change of Management

Experience smooth and hassle-free transfer of learning materials to LOOP’s LMS from your existing Learning Management System

  • Collaborative Learning

The social media integrated toolssupport discussion and conversation which makes learning more convenient and efficient.

  • Best-in-class Tools

The LMS uses standard open source tools, customized developments and powerful third-party plug-ins to provide an extensive set of configurable features.

  • Mobility and Reliable Connectivity

Serve as a powerful platform that allows you to connect, learn and exchange knowledge in one powerful platform anytime, anywhere.

  • Pre-loaded PMI Approved content 

Our LMS on demand comes with preloaded content featuring a wide range professional courses. The courses cater to various comptencies for the employees in your organisation. A few course highlights.

  1. Career Development – Communication
  2. Development Talent
  3. Innovation – Integrity
  4. Leadership
  5. Teamwork
  6. Problem Solving and Decision Making

and many more…