Moodle LMS Deployment Case Studies

People are the key strength and vital asset for any organization. An organization with knowledgeable, skilled and smart people can be more productive and competitive compared to the organizations with people having obsolete knowledge and outmoded skills.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, business enterprises across the globe are turning to cutting-edge technologies to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees and overall effectiveness of the business.

To achieve competitive advantage in their industry, creating a sound knowledge and skilled work force has become critically essential. To make their training more efficient and cost-effective, corporate training managers are constantly looking various options and utilize the power of technology, e-learning through Learning Management Systems (LMS) being at the forefront.

ACP has pioneered in developing and delivering learning and training solutions with a commitment to help clients achieve high performance and accelerate growth. We take pride in building strategic long-term ICT solutions that help deliver measurable business value for our clients.

We champion in delivering Customized as well as Turnkey projects. With a mission to help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative and best-in-class e-learning solutions and services, we identify ourselves as Change Leaders providing high value and maximum returns to our customers at all touch points.


ACP’s Moodle LMS solution was seamlessly integrated with SMRT’s SAP HR and with the Moodle platform, the learners at SMRT can quickly adapt to the technology even with simple computer knowledge.



ACP deployed a scalable and fully-hosted LMS was delivered by ACP to PSB Academy. The server of which was installed in ACP secured data center.



ACP delivered NLBA  with LMS that starts off with 7,000 user base with option to increase should the project takes off. With this, they are able to plan for more courses catered to the public users.


More Successful Deployments: