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Developer (aka Binary Artist)

Job Summary

Developer (aka Binary Artist) is responsible for the full software development life cycle for PHP-based web applications, including support, testing, and documentation. The Developer will also be involved in pre-development stages such as developing proof of concepts, technical designs, and data modelling. The Developer should be comfortable with both front end and back end duties.

Responsibilities and Duties

* Develop proof of concepts and technical designs

* Data modeling

* Develop, customize and integrate Moodle, Totara, and other PHP-based web applications

* Provide technical expertise and maintenance support for Moodle, Totara, and other PHP-based web applications on-time within SLA agreements

* Installation and configuration of plug-ins

* Manage software development, enhancement, debugging, testing and maintenance of the backend application

* Make design, code, testing and system quality improvement to backend application programming interface (API)

* Technical documentation

Qualifications and Skills

* At least a diploma or degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or an equivalent

* Minimum of 2 years’ experience in developing PHP or web-based applications

* Proficient in HTML/ CSS3 with JavaScript/ JQuery, MySQL and CakePHP

* Experience with PHP-based applications, and/or Moodle, Totara, or similar platforms will be a bonus

* Passion for IT and software development

* Willingness to learn on the job and attend upgrading courses

* Team player who enjoys interaction at work and during recreation

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