The Infocomm Clubs Programme is a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) for primary, secondary and junior college students. It aims to excite the students on the possibilities on infocomm, equip students with relevant infocomm skills, and provide students with opportunities to express creativity, entrepreneurship and community spirit. It covers one or more specialisations such as digital media, mobile technologies, software development, security & networking and games development.

The programme is an initiative by IDA, supported by MOE and in collaboration with key industry partners.

Infocomm clubs expose the students to:

  • Appreciate technologies better and enjoy CCA points.
  • Creatively apply their skills to communicate ideas and use them in their school work
  • The clubs can also be a supplementary resource for teachers to enhance the teaching and learning         experience
  • Opportunities for project work and community service projects, where the best will be showcased at         various competitions and events
  • Potential credit exemptions/direct admission opportunities into infocomm courses of IHLs
  • IDA funding support to talented students for participating in international competitions, conferences,         industry attachments & certifications
  • IDA certificates for students completing 3 years of Club membership

A few of the courses offered as part of Infocomm Clubs are:

  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Videography and Video Editing
  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Game Creation