Learning programming shouldn’t be a chore.

Immerse yourself with Game Design Development and learn creative and critical thinking skills.


Create with Scratch
Throughout the process of learning you will develop expertise in many different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithm, pattern recognition and formal logic.

  • Learn about mathematical and computational concepts in a meaningful and motivating context.
  • Use your creative thinking skills to design and develop online games, digital storytelling and animations.
  • Learn 21st century learning skills in the areas of creative thinking, collaborating effectively, communicating clearly, analysing systematically and design interactively.

Game Salad Mobile Game Design
During the course you will be immersed with basic functions and tools, and will be able to manipulate contents of presentation for mobile game.

  • You will be experiencing and learning the production process of Mobile Game Design, where you create your own app.
  • Through planning, organizing of task, and developing visual contents for the app, these will enable you to understand and practice computational skills such as pattern decomposition as well as data analysis and visualisation.
  • You will also be developing abilities based on 21st Century Learning skills such as independent decision making, effective communication, creative and critical thinking skills.
Aggregation and Decomposition (using Excel)
This course is intended for students who need a good foundation in analyzing and developing visual representation of data. Students will be proficient with advanced formulas, functions, and data analysis tools to manipulate data for analysis, presentation, and collaboration.
  • Learn how to decompose and re-aggregate data using Microsoft Excel.
  • Decomposing long lists of information.
  • Writing basic algorithms to help analyze data.

Project Management for School
Learn how to decompose the project into smaller tasks such as planning, organizing tasks, overcoming problems, and closing out your projects successfully and with minimum risk. Share the theories and techniques to a successful project through various group activities and discussions such as situation examples.

  • Students will learn 21st century life skills involving critical skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and responsibility through projects.

Download the course outlines here:

CREATE with Scratch
Mobile Game Design (Game Salad)
Aggregation and Decomposition Using Excel
Project Management
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