Maker Jr Courses:

Maker Jr Newbie – Livecode IoT
Maker Jr Beginner – Livecode IoT
Maker Jr Intermediate – Livecode IoT
Maker Jr Advanced- Livecode IoT

Mobile App Developer Courses:

Mobile App Developer Jr Newbie – AppMakr
Mobile App Developer Jr Beginner – MIT App Inventor
Mobile App Developer Jr Intermediate – Livecode
Mobile App Developer Jr Advanced – Livecode



The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched their 2nd ICM Learning Roadmap in 2017.

ACP was one of the major vendors as part of the first Learning Roadmap and as part of the 2nd phase, we have once again been selected as an Infocomm Club Approved Vendor (ICAV).

Our training sessions in 2016 were well received with great reviews from the schools we worked with and we aim to improve on our service level in 2017.

ACP is your trusted partner in conducting Learning Roadmap Courses.

To find out more about our offerings and to add these courses to your Infocomm Club offerings, contact us today!


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