ACP E - Learning Solution

E Learning Solutions

ACP provides the best-in-class e-learning platform in the market today.

Our e-learning solutions aim to provide a personalised and collaborative learning environment by online to provide your students with the accessibility to not only training materials but also time-tables, assignments and educational resources while participating in forums and group discussions. The method of e-learning makes learning more interactive and supportive for both the teacher and student.

CyberSphere Academy: Innovative E-learning Experience

A place where students and teachers connect, exchange knowledge and learn from a rich and extensive resource of educational material.

CyberSphere redefines e-learning by providing a platform where students and teachers connect, exchange knowledge and grow from rich and extensive educational material resources. Make full use of your potential and achieve your goals through ACP e-learning solutions through:

  • E-learning is a powerful platform that allows you to connect, learn and exchange knowledge in one powerful platform anytime, anywhere.
  • Receiving the best and extensive media educational resources that allow teachers to customize lessons that can respond to a learner’s abilities and style of learning.
  • Experiencing the best in technology and pedagogy to give you reliable connectivity and educationally relevant content.

Features and Benefits:

Differentiated Learning  
Customize lessons according to the abilities and learning needs of the students through a rich source of educational material and the SCORM lesson builder.

Change Management
Experience smooth and hassle-free transfer of learning materials to CyberSphere from your existing Learning Management System.

Best of Breed Partners
Pedagogy and technology experts ensures that you receive relevant educational resources as well as efficient and quality services.

Social and Collaborative Environment
Collaborative features and social media integrated tools support discussion and conversation which makes learning more convenient and efficient.

Best-in-Class Tools
CyberSphere Academy uses standard open source tools, customized developments and powerful third-party plug-ins to provide an intensive set of configurable features.

Reliable Connectivity
SingTel’s robust cloud computing environment is utilized to guarantee reliable connectivity with scalable infrastructure that promotes efficiency and reliability.

Partnership with Singtel
ACP’s proven track record has been verified with Singtel’s participation in our e-learning drive with CyberSphere Academy.