Does your school need a way to increase student achievement, enhance staff productivity, enable parental involvement, and build effective, responsible and collaborative learning community?


Contemporary learning is an ever-changing and complex task. Not only does it require physical infrastructure, such as a school building, it also requires a complex, costly, and reliable digital infrastructure that students need to learn and educators need to teach.

This is more than simply plugging in a PC or tablet and loading software.

For technology to be truly effective in today’s education system, it needs to be integrated into a rich, learner-centered environment. But how does education technology improve student learning? What evidence can we gather to determine if it is? How can data be communicated effectively to teachers, parents, and community members?

ACP Consultancy’s Services:

Our senior management staffs with more than 60 years of experience have put together our expertise into a framework – CHESS 2015 (Collaborative Holistic Empowering System for Student). With the vision of bringing education to the Global Classroom, we aim at developing students from as young as 7 years old with 21st Century Competencies skills in nurturing them to be ready for the 21st century globalization workforce. Our 4 core areas of capabilities are

  • Training,
  • Technology,
  • Advocators and
  • Consultancy

A comprehensive IT Masterplan developed with our unique framework – CHESS 2015 will accommodate 21st century learning, improve student achievement, enhance staff productivity, and save you more 3 times of your planned costs