Codation+ is our new set of ICT Training programs that involves an element of coding, but there are stronger hardware elements in Codation+ such as Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled microcontrollers.

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Taking on the Smart Nation initiative to help make Singapore a Coding Nation, ACP introduced – Codation. A diverse array of training and educational courses aimed to impart coding and programming skills to the future of Singapore, through engaging, creative and fun courses conducted in schools.

We aim to make Singapore a more connected nation and to equip the next generation with the right skills of tomorrow. Codation aims to fulfill the nation’s Smart Nation vision by empowering the minds of our kids by making them interested, excited and knowledgeable in coding and programming.

Kids of all ages enjoy hands-on construction activities, so that aspect of robotics is accessible across the board; further, abilities in this area vary widely within an age group, which allows individuals to achieve mastery and demonstrate competence.



What is the difference between Codation and Codation+
Codation is primarily based on learning about programming applications and Codation+ is focused on enabling students to master the skills to program their own robots, microcontrollers as well as IoT kits
What is offered as part of Codation+

We’re proud to introduce FOUR new courses we have available as listed below which will aid your student in understanding the benefits of both Robotics and IoT.

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Summary of our Robotics and IoT Courses:



Course Name
Master the skills to assemble the required hardware and program a robot to perform all sorts of interesting actions.
Learn and understand the hardware and programming of IoT products through the use of Livecode.



Basic complexity
Fast Track Courses
Intermediate complexity
Fast Track Courses


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