• Staff Catchup: Joel Luo

    Staff Catchup: Joel Luo

    Each month, we take some time off to have a chat with an ACP employee to find out what they do and what they’re like. This month’s employee: Joel Luo What do you do at ACP? Hello! I’m the Human Resource (HR) Executive for ACP. As a HR Executive, I am in charge of all

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  • We’ve Hit 5,000 Likes!

    We’ve Hit 5,000 Likes!

    Thank you everyone for your support! Our Facebook page has hit more than 5,000 likes. This achievement is further testament of ACP’s outstanding service.

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  • Kick Start Your Career this 2014!

    Kick Start Your Career this 2014!

    The start of the year will mean various resolutions for a lot of people. Eat better, lose weight, save money are a couple of common goals. Others will try to jump start their careers by landing a new job, getting a promotion or asking for a raise. The holidays are a great time to reflect

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