“Offering professional ICT Advocators since 1997”




Advocators are deemed to be our ICT ambassadors seconded to your premise. They are our people whom have a broad diversity of educational and professional background. Nevertheless, they are bound by a common passion to share their ICT knowledge and skills that can help you build the ICT interest in our young generation.

Our advocators can take up the role of either of the following:

    • Training Executive
    • ICT Executive
    • IT Manager
    • Technical Assistant
  • ACP’s professional team back in office will regularly support and train our advocators whom are               seconded to your premises;
  • Our advocators will also assist in simple maintenance of your ICT infrastructure wherever necessary;       and
  • Our advocators will also assist in recommending ICT equipment that is essential to your students’             growth

Our advocators are always ready to accommodate you.

If you are interested to join our team of ICT professionals, please click here.