ACP Solutions For Schools

ACP has earned her reputation as the leading ICT solutions provider for schools in Singapore.  We have demonstrated our commitment in the education industry, seeking to nurture and empower our young generation in the evolution of new technologies.

ACP has developed CHESS2015, a framework that strives to provide one with complete ICT solution.

CHESS2015 provides a holistic and contemporary approach in learning. It will increase student’s achievement, enable parental involvement, and enhance educator’s productivity. ACP seamlessly integrates technology in education with our reliable digital infrastructure, rich source of information, and learner-centred environment. This will build effective, responsible and collaborative learning communities.

Key Competitive Advantages of ACP in Education Field:

  • ACP has 18 strong years of solid experience in providing solutions for schools in Singapore
  • We have gained an in-depth understanding of a school’s functions and requirements
  • ACP adheres to qualified ICT standards similar to that of our Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • ACP has ISO 9001: 2008 certification

ACP has BCM 2301:2012 certification

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