At ACP, we strongly believe that in order to remain successful and sustainable, we must integrate our core values into the very heart of our business. This is managed within the company through our operations, products and services, and through our interaction with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors and suppliers.

Our Vision:

To be the leading provider of Education and ICT Solutions and the preferred partner to businesses in Asia.

Our Mission:

  • To be the choice employer for ICT professionals
  • To create and deliver value through our products and services for our customers, always
  • To ensure our ICT Education are the most engaging and value-added in the region
  • To reach out and work with partners and markets in the region.

Core Values:

R Responsibility
R Respect
I Integrity
I Innovation

Our Quality Policy:

We will conduct ourselves professionally, deliver the same high quality service regardless of the project, and welcome your feedback and suggestions to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Commitment:

We pride our services, value our customers, and commit ourselves to continual improvement of services and products, striving for the pinnacle of operational excellence.