For the past 18 years, the ACP logo has evolved constantly, just as the company has been evolving to reach greater heights as a service provider, business partner, and employer. Beginning from 2016 onwards, ACP’s corporate color scheme shall incorporate the color of Green into our stable of Red, Blue, and White.

As the company expands through providing a comprehensive and extensive range of ICT solutions and education, it also underwent a branding process that includes evaluation of the existing corporate brand name, brand design, brand architecture, and brand communications. What emerged, was a stronger corporate identity aimed to enhance its brand name as the leading ICT Solutions and Education provider in the industry.


 ACP Logo 1997  Logo transparent bg  ACP Logo 2016
1997 – 2008                                  2008 – 2015                                     Present


Meaning Behind the Logo

ACP is an acronym for Advent Cybernautics Professionals

Infinity (‘c’ and ‘p’ in red)

Signifies symbol (infinity) or ‘Future’.

3 abstract circles (‘a’, ‘c’ & ‘p’)

The circles also signify personal growth and progress as one continues to engage in learning and skills development.

In Chinese , it means ‘圆 圆 满 满’ – rich and fulfilling experience.

Symmetry & Similarity

The letters “acp” are designed in such a way that symbolises symmetry and similarity:

Symmetry shows our progress and innovations over the years characterized by an excellence of proportion for our clients, partners and people.

Similarity shows the state of being similar in our dedication to customers.


Red signify forward thinking and innovation. Blue signifies corporate stability and stature. Green signifies continued growth of ACP


‘Engaging the Future’

At ACP, we engage with the future everyday:

  • We help create your future with our ICT education and solutions.
  • We stay ahead of the future by reining in technology to advance.