ACP’s 100 Minute Workshops

Learn how to traverse the internet safely or use the enormous data found online to good use.

Enroll in either one of ACP’s Workshop and learn how to navigate the online world in a safe and information friendly approach. Each workshop is timed at only 100 minutes.

Information Literacy Program Workshop

 “Breaking into the Dynamic World of Information”

The Philosophy of Information

Know how to understand and analyze information which are exposed to us on a daily basis. With the advancement of technology, web resources are constantly fluctuating different contents and are becoming more relevant as information sources in comparison to books. But how often do some of us stop to think if the information that we have researched or received may not be something we perceived? Are they reliable or is there a truth in it? Have these information been tampered?

Have you ever wondered how some news, writings, pictures or videos can turn viral? Or have you found yourself in a situation where you have spent a lot of effort but it did not equate to the results that you wanted? Take a school assignment for example. You might have spent a lot of time researching on information that is required, but ends up failing it. Why?

Enroll in this workshop to know the answers to these questions.


Duration: 100 minutes


  • Hero or Villain? – Guide to Healthy Gaming
  • Online Life, Your Electronic Tattoo – Guide to         Share Appropriate Content
  • Online Threats, Your Virtual Fear – Guide to            Cyber Security
  • Scout or Pirate – Guide to Copyrights and                Plagiarism



Cyber Wellness  Program Workshop

 “The Chronicles of Cyber Age Survivor”

A Guide to being Cyber Smart

This workshop provides an understanding and awareness about the harmful risks involved in Cyberspace while teaching you to protect oneself and others from cyberspace threats. The advancement of technologies has changed our lifestyles and benefitted us in many positive ways at school, work and home. But it has also brought us harmful threats and risks such as internet & game addiction, cyber bullying, online scam and internet hijacking. In the end, how do we protect ourselves from such harmful events?

People, Young and old, have received messages from different social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even e-mail that requires them to send in their particulars. Some were unfortunate and ended up being scammed or hacked. So how do we know if a message we receive is reliable? Have you ever experienced or encountered someone who has been cyber bullied? What can you do to prevent these from happening while protecting your love ones? We’ve heard of “Work Hard, Play Hard”. How can we achieve these?

The answers to these questions when you join us in becoming a Cyber Age Survivor!


Workshop Duration: 100 mins


  • Take me Into the Dynamic World
  • Indulge in Diverse Communication Tools
  • Decrypt the Code
  • Believe it or Not




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