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Providing New and Innovative Solutions to Achieve and Enhance Singapore's SMART NATION Initiative.

With flexible online learning courses on, make the most of your free time to develop yourself with courses that are geared to make you even more valuable in the new economy, all at your own pace! Choose from a wide range of specially curated courses suited for the Singapore market.

Codation is a diverse array of training and educational strategies aimed to impart coding and programming skills to the future of Singapore, through engaging, creative and fun courses conducted in schools. From courses in Scratch, Makey Makey, GameMaker and even Minecraft!


With NEXT's Multi-Touch Display and touch based apps - be prepared to embark on the future of learning with intuitive touch technology! An intuitive and engaging platform to share, learn and collaborate, making use of kinaesthetic learning principles to engage students.

For School

Learn from our 19 year industry experience.

For over 19 strong years in the industry, ACP’s classroom based training is considered as the finest in the South-East Asian region.

For the Workplace

Because every client has their own needs.

Achieve your business objectives with our innovative and best-in-class e-learning solutions and services.

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Check out our YouTube channel where we share to you our expertise with information and tips on LMS and e-learning.

ACP delivers innovative services to you by providing the best end to end, IT and ICT solutions in the market today.

We are committed to delivering reliable and efficient learning management systems that have been applied by countless government boards and learning institutions in Singapore. We specialize in E-learning and training solutions that provide your institution with numerous value-added cutting edge advantages. Our e-learning delivers high level solutions for professional/personal development and supports a blended learning approach.

Here at ACP, our service is committed to develop, design and deliver solutions that suit your requirements and will achieve the most effective results. We also provide holistic school programs and adult learning courses that are designed to empower, nurture every individual with the skills that can be applied in the competitive world of today. For educational institutions, ACP also has our NEXT and Codation initiatives that help to educate your students with new and innovative alternatives to improve self-directed learning and also equipping them with the future skills in coding and programming. While for workplaces, ACP delivers innovative and best-in-class e-learning courses for staff development as well as robust, comprehensive learning management systems. Head over to our Youtube channel to learn from our experts and to find out more!

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