STEAM Education is our new set of ICT Training programs that involves an element of coding, but there are stronger hardware elements in STEAM Education such as Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled microcontrollers.

Taking on the Smart Nation initiative to help make Singapore a Coding Nation, ACP introduced – STEAM Education. A diverse array of training and educational courses aimed to impart coding and programming skills to the future of Singapore, through engaging, creative and fun courses conducted in schools.

We aim to make Singapore a more connected nation and to equip the next generation with the right skills of tomorrow. STEAM Education aims to fulfill the nation’s Smart Nation vision by empowering the minds of our kids by making them interested, excited and knowledgeable in coding and programming.

Kids of all ages enjoy hands-on construction activities, so that aspect of robotics is accessible across the board; further, abilities in this area vary widely within an age group, which allows individuals to achieve mastery and demonstrate competence.

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Course Catalogue

1 LEARN TO ANIMATE WITH SCRATCH JR Scratch Jr 4 hours Newbie Create a car racing game Applied the knowledge about the Importance of speed in racing
2 BASIC SCRATCH Scratch 4 hours Newbie Create a space-themed maze game Food Science – Design a game to where food is digested in your `body system (maze)
3 BRING YOUR STORY TO LIFE – WITH SCRATCH Scratch 9 hours Newbie Create an animation based on a scene written by course participants ANY Domain as it is more of information dissemination via animation
4 GAME DESIGN WITH SCRATCH AND MAKEY MAKEY Scratch & Makey Makey 8 hours Beginner Create a maze game with Makey Makey movement controls Health -Design a game to promote exercise via the Dance Dance Revolution theme
5 SLAM IT, DUNK IT, WITH MICRO:BIT micro:bit 10 hours Beginner Create a micro:Bit Slam Dunk Booth Health -Design a game booth to shoot at virus/bacteria to gain points
6 PROBLEM SOLVING WITH MICRO:BIT micro:Bit 10 hours Beginner Create two prototypes:
1) Motion-dependent light bulb (to save energy)
2) Automatic fan that switches on when the temperature exceeds a certain value
Environment -The prototypes are created to promote saving energy
7 SAVING ENDANGERED ANIMALS – WITH MICRO:BIT micro:bit 10 hours Beginner Create a Steady Hand game booth Environment – Design a game booth to promote saving endangered animals, should one be able to move steadily through the wired shaped animal
8 ELDERLY FALL DETECT SYSTEM – WITH MICRO:BIT micro:bit 10 hours Beginner Create an elderly fall detect system Health Science – Detect falls to allow immediate attention
9 PAC-MAN WITH MICRO:BIT micro:Bit 8 hours Intermediate Create a Pac-Man Game on the micro:Bit Health – Design a game where doctor is the Pac Man, catching the bad bacteria/virus
Environment – Design the game whereby police is the Pac Man, catching thieves.
10 CREATE A GAME WORLD – WITH KODU Kodu 8 hours Beginner Create a football simulation game Health – Build a soccer competition in the context to healthy vs unhealthy bacteria
11 BOSS YOUR ROBOTS EZ-Builder 16 hours Beginner Programme robot to perform security functions (use object recognition to scan for a password to allow access) Robotics – Replace of mundane work with robotics
12 CREATE YOUR OWN MARKET PLACE Notepad++ 8 hours Intermediate Create a website with HTML programming language ANY Domain as it is more of information dissemination
13 CONSTRUCT 2 Construct 2 8 hours Intermediate Create a shooting game Health- Build a game in the context to shoot down virus and/bacteria
14 MIT APP INVENTOR 2 MIT App Inventor 2 8 hours Intermediate Create a Space Invader Game app Food Science – Game App to shoot down harmful food and collect healthy food
15 MINECRAFT ESSENTIALS Minecraft 16 hours Intermediate Build a house and decorate its surrounding by using the features in Minecraft Environment and Space Planning – House should be high rise due to limited space. Surroundings should have greenery for green environment
16 PYTHON BASICS Python 16 hours Advanced Make a tic-tac-toe game  
17 CREATE YOUR VERY OWN 3D GAME Unity 16 hours Advanced Create a Roll a Ball Game  
18 APP CREATION FOR BOTH ANDROID AND IOS – LIVECODE LiveCode 8 hours Advanced Create a calculator app Food Science – An App to calculate your intake of calories of different food intakes. Alert if there is too much taken per day
19 FUN AUTOMATION WITH GREEN FINGERS LiveCode and Arduino 16 hours Advanced Create an app and an automated watering gardening kit that sends data to the app Environment – Promotes integration of App to automate watering system. Promotes the greenery which is important for clean air

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